Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reaction to my blog posts on passwords from Government Computer News

"...Mushegh Hakhinian, security architect at IntraLinks, pointed out in a recent blog posting that a pass phrase that contains 16 letters — all lower case with no numerals or special characters — can provide in the neighborhood of 10 million more possible combinations than an eight-character complex password that uses upper and lower case, numerals and other characters..." Full article by William Jackson here

My article on ebizQ: SaaS-Based IRM Solutions to Secure the Enterprise

Data leaks are one of the chief threats facing enterprise IT managers today. Information Rights Management (IRM) technologies are perfectly designed to protect the enterprise by effectively reducing and/or eliminating the risk of accidental leaks.Read full article here

My article special to the Cloud a Better Place for Our Data?

Data loss is an all too common a theme in the news these days. The recent Sidekick outage, however, stands out for several reasons but most importantly because the data loss affected both customer contact information as well as customer’s files such as images and schedules. Let’s put aside who is at fault in this particular situation and whether cloud computing introduces data loss risks, which ultimately became the focus of this controversy, and instead look at this from a consumer’s point of view. full article here